Web Starter Package

1 Domain
20GB Data Transfer/month
200MB Disk Space
1 MySQL Database
7 POP3/IMAP/Webmail Mailboxes

$10/month - $10 setup

Web Bronze Package

1 Domain
50GB Data Transfer/month
1 GB Disk Space
3 MySQL Databases
3 MS SQL Databases
15 POP3/IMAP/Webmail Mailboxes

$20/month - $15 setup

Web Silver Package

3 Domains
50GB Data Transfer/month
1GB Disk Space
6 MySQL Databases
6 MS SQL Databases
25 POP3/IMAP/Webmail Mailboxes

$30/month - $25 setup

Secondary MX Service

Our secondary MX service allows email to be collected on our servers, even when your email server is down. When your server comes back online, our servers dispatch the collected email to your system. This ensures that you never miss a message due to ISP, operator, or system error.

Offering Details

No limit on the amount of email stored
No limit on the amount of bandwidth utilized
No pre-set time limit on store-and-forward queing
Automatic delivery attempts every 5 minutes to primary MX

$10/month - $10 setup

Email Hosting Service

We offer a full-featured MAPI Exchange mailbox service for email, calendar, contacts, task lists and resource mailboxes that will help you be even more productive.

Offering Details

High Reliability - Our servers run with a 99.9% uptime
Better Security - We include cyber security measures that deter phishing attacks and other online threats, as well as physcial security to protect hardware from theft or damage.
No maintenance downtime
Power Redundancy
Network Redundancy

$17/mailbox/month - $17 setup

Helpdesk Ticket System

We provide a web-based ticket system for all our clients to use for IT Support purposes

Offering Details

Allows for clearer assignment of tasks
Offers a clear audit trail of problem resolution
Removes duplication of effort
Provides updated status
Enhances activity reporting to management

Free with services

Spam Filtering Service

Real-time, pass through architecture blocks email-borne threats - like spam and viruses - reducing downtime and on-site complexity.

Offering Details

Inbound spam and virus filtering
Outbound email virus and content filtering
Spooling of messages if your email servers are unavailable
Transport layer encryption
Manage email file attachments
Customizable content-based rules
Compliance lexicons
Regular expression pattern matching

$15/Year/Mailbox - $0 setup

Online Backup Service

Fast, incremental backup that implements the rsync protocol over HTTP.

Offering Details

Multi-Tier Backup and Synchronization
Backup over HTTP
Delta Backups Using Rsync
Remote Access
Backup over the Internet
Web Based File Manager

$1/GB/Quarter - $50 setup

Online Fileconnect Service

Innovative, all-in-one web-based remote file manager allowing users to upload or download files from any machine, anywhere on the Internet

Offering Details

100% browser based
Intuitive interface
Transfer large files
FTP replacement
Central repository

$10/Month - $0 setup

Hosting Environment

Redundant Network Cores
100mbps Link Speed
Multiple Tier 1 Telecom Providers
Windows Server or Linux Operating Systems
Cpanel Access Internet Information Services (IIS) Available
IIS Mod-Rewrite Pro Available
GD Library
Free Basic SPAM and Virus Filtering
Password Protected Directories
Detailed Web Stats
Downloadable Daily Backup
Custom Error Pages